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Oradea is among the cities where traffic has increased steadily over recent years. However, the City Municipality is making a constant effort to increase the number of parking spaces but also to provide alternative means of transportation.

 Parking in ​ Oradea


In central areas, you will find car parking near points of interest (institutions, tourist attractions, relaxation areas). Parking lots are marked in two ways: white paint for an unlimited parking time and yellow paint for maximum 2-hour parking.


You have several ways to pay for parking:


Cash or bank card - By purchasing a parking ticket from parking meters specially located in the parking lots or from press sales operators (for the latter, especially cash);


Electronic - via an SMS at 7401; in the SMS text you must write the number on the car plates.


Parking tickets cost 1.5 lei for 30 minutes, 3 lei for 1 hour and 6 lei for 2 hours.


SMS Rates:

● 0.42 EURO / 30 minutes - SMS with 180 + CAR PLATENS NO. at number 7401 (example: 180BH01ABC)      

● 0.83 EURO / 1 hour - an SMS with CAR PLATES NO. at 7401 (example: BH01ABC)      

● 1.67 EURO / 2 hours - two SMS with CAR PLATES NO. at number 7401 (example: BH01ABC)      

● 3.57 EURO / 5 hours - an SMS with CAR PLATES NO. at number 7408 (example: BH01ABC)      


 Local transport in Oradea


You can get around the city very easily, using the means of public transportation provided by OTL (SC Oradea Transport Local SA). The tram and bus network covers almost all areas of Oradea, and the timetable according to which it operates covers the whole day (they run between 05:00 and 24:00).


At peak hours, the interval at which they arrive at the stations is:

● for trams approx. 6 minutes;      

● for buses approx. 12 minutes.     


 Tickets and Subscriptions


You can buy travel tickets at the OTL counters near the stations. A ticket with a single trip costs 3 lei (it can also be obtained from the ticket machines in Oradea), a ticket valid for 2 trips costs 6 lei (only at the points of sale in the stations).


Subscriptions can be made at OTL centres and have the following prices:

● monthly subscription valid on all lines: 70 lei;     

● ID for 1 day: 13 lei;

● weekly subscription valid on all lines: 35 lei;    

● non-nominated monthly subscription valid on all lines: 160 lei.      


More details on tickets and season tickets


 Payment by SMS


However, if you did not have the opportunity to purchase a ticket before using the public transport, you can purchase it via SMS at 7429 (containing the number of the line you are going to travel). The cost is 0.8 Euro (VAT included) and the travel ticket is valid from the time the SMS is sent until the end of the trip, but not more than 60 minutes.


If you want to buy a travel card for a day, send the letter L via SMS at number 7429. It costs 3.5 Euro (VAT included). The 1-day card grants you the right to an unlimited number of trips on any urban transport line of OTL SA during its validity period and is valid for 24 hours from the receipt of the confirmation message. The fare of the travel document will be found in the service invoice of the mobile telephone operator as the tariff of the SMS that you sent for the activation of the travel title.


After sending the SMS, in about 15 seconds, you will receive an SMS confirming the activation of the travel document, which will contain a control code. You will communicate this control code to the controller upon request, as proof of payment.


Additional details for ticket and subscription rates can be found here: .


 Travel in the metropolitan area


If you want to leave the city and travel to Borș, Sânmartin or to the spa resorts Băile Felix and Băile 1 Mai, there are buses that can take you there, covering the entire Metropolitan Area. To travel by local transport on metropolitan routes, the travel ticket is purchased directly from the driver, from the OTL Nufărul Bus Station for transport connections departing from this location, or via SMS with the rates set for each transport route.


The trip rates in the metropolitan area can be found here:


OTL S.A. contact details:

  • Address: Oradea, Str. Atelierelor no. 12      

  • Phone: +40 259 423 245, +40 359 808 501 or +40 359 808 506

  • Website:


We advise you to search for up to date information about the transport routes, stations, route maps or schedule, on OTL official website. OTL ticketing points are visible in the nearby of the stations. Here’s a complete list of them:

You can also purchase tickets from several third party locations, which you can find here:


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Discover a friendly, welcoming, and vibrant city! Oradea will surprise you with a stunning architectural mix. 89 #ArtNouveau buildings are harmoniously displayed across the city, among secession, baroque and medieval Stelar-bastioned style monuments. But Oradea is way beyond #ArtNouveau. It is a blooming city, a place of wellness and wellbeing, a paradise of thermal waters together with Felix and 1 Mai Baths. All these combined make Oradea a #SlowLivingCity where you dearly live and surely want to come back!

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Discover a lively, fresh, and welcoming city! Living energy in a surprising architectural landscape that includes: 89 Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, 26 buildings classified as historical monuments, 25 valuable buildings proposed for classification as historical monuments and 38 buildings with indisputable architectural value. Create your own itinerary for an unforgettable #citybreak in the #ArtNouveau city!

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