Black Eagle Palace



This is the most emblematical building of Oradea and the most representative Secession style monument in Transylvania!

Conceived as a striking symbol of Oradea's sophisticated modern life, the palace once housed a hotel, two cinemas, ballrooms, a casino, cafes, shops and a bank. The Y-shaped passage has three entrances, and the interior, covered with glass, was inspired by the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery in Milan. The Gallery or The Passage, as it is known to the locals, brings together most bars, cafes and pubs, being the leisure centre of the city.


A real architectural gem


Be ready to take many photographs of shapes, colours and decorative elements of this the architectural complex. Let your eyes linger in awe on the reflection of light through the two large stained-glass windows above the entrance, that represent an eagle in flight.


The building was funded by two Jewish lawyers, Dr. Kurlander Ede and Dr. Adorjan Emil, who decided to build it for the city from their own savings. A public competition was called and won by the architects Komor Marcell and Jakab Dezső.  Its construction started in 1907, under the supervision of construction engineer Sztarill Ferenc, and in December 1908, the building was completed. The restoration has returned it to its original glamour, so today you can admire it in all its splendour. Explore at your leisure and don't forget to use #VulturulNegru and, of course, #VisitOradea for your photographs.



Those who enjoy the nightlife should definitely visit all the clubs and bars in Black Eagle Passage. Here you will find terraces open late, glamourous bars and traditional pubs where parties last until the morning. You have so much choice!

What to Do

How many walks does it take to fall in love with a city? When you're in Oradea, only one. Each route you start has something special to catch the eye. Whether you want to rediscover old history, enjoy a moment of reconnection in the middle of nature or a special evening in the city, Oradea and Bihor County will always have something to seduce you, regardless of the season.

What to See

Discover a lively, fresh, and welcoming city! Living energy in a surprising architectural landscape that includes: 89 Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, 26 buildings classified as historical monuments, 25 valuable buildings proposed for classification as historical monuments and 38 buildings with indisputable architectural value. Create your own itinerary for an unforgettable #citybreak in the #ArtNouveau city!

Travel Wise

Oradea is an old hub of many European trade routes and has always been easily accessible. Find out all the information about how to get to #Oradea, where to stay, what to visit, and what kind of activities you can book online for you and your friends and family! #FamilyTrip #Accessibility