We celebrate Europe Day!


Oradea celebrates Europe Day with an extraordinary concert of The National Orchestra "Lăutarii" from Chișinău.

Conductor: Nicolae Botgros.

Guest artists: Monica Anghel, Paula Seling, Brio Sonores, Vali Boghean.

Date: May 10th at 8:00 PM.

Location: Unirii Square.

Some of the most talented and beloved instrumentalists and performers from the Republic of Moldova – the National Orchestra "Lăutarii" from Chișinău, alongside one of the most cherished conductors – maestro Nicolae Botgros, will take the stage in Unirii Square in Oradea for an exceptional concert, featuring a "Different" repertoire.

"Lăutarii Altfel" is a memorable musical experience for all music lovers, alongside maestro Nicolae Botgros.

Admission is free.



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