Oradea, with love!



Welcome to Oradea, a vibrant, fresh and lively city! Oradea warmly welcomes you with a series of benefits and gratuities.

As you discover the city, you will notice how it becomes more and more colourful, surprises and takes you over. Oradea can be your weekend destination and at the same time, much more than that. Oradea is a tourist destination where people - locals and tourists alike - manage to live, work, explore and enjoy every day in tranquillity. Oradea is #TheCityofPeople!


Even when you are in a hurry, the city manages to accommodate you very quickly, helping you to discover it, have a feel for it and enjoy it. Oradea is a #SlowLivingCity that welcomes you with open arms and after you leave it’s longing for your return, no matter the season!


For a pleasant and complete experience in Oradea, we offer you some benefits during your stay. Thus, if you choose to stay at one of the partner accommodation units for at least 2 consecutive nights, you can enjoy the following benefits:


🎫 Free access to the Țării Crișurilor Museum, Museum of Jewish History, Darvas-La Roche HouseSion Neolog Synagogue, The Temple of Freemasonry and The City Hall Tower.

🚋 Free public transport for 24 hours.

📌Attractive discounts at partner restaurants and cafés.


How can you enjoy these benefits?

Request your unique gratuities code from your accommodation unit’s staff and enjoy everything Oradea has to offer. Keep the email with the unique access code and the QR Code. The unique code can be used once for each of the tourist objectives and all the other partners. The unique code is nominal.


a. Museums:

You can use the unique access code for free museum access. Museum staff will check the validity of your unique code, at the entrance.


b. Free public transport:

We recommend you enjoy Oradea walking through the city at a leisurely pace. If you want to explore the city using the public transport network, you can activate the free 24-hour access by sending an SMS containing the unique code received, to the number +40 770 171 837. After sending the SMS, the gratuity will be activated for the means of public transport. This is valid for 24 hours from the moment of activation / sending the SMS.


c. Restaurants and cafés: The complete list of participating venues is available from 1st of February.

Benefits include discounts at certain cafés and restaurants in the city. The complete list of participating venues is available below:


Partner Hotels: 

Allegro Apart, Black Eagle Loft Apartment, Blanco Oradea Apartament, Central Park Oradea Apartament , Dozsa Residence Apartament , Grey Apartment Oradea Apartament , Palm Spring Oradea Apartament , Carnival Hotel, Doubletree By Hilton Hotel, Impero Hotel, Maxim Hotel, Nevis Hotel, Ramada Hotel, Sky Hotel, Terra Hotel, Transit Hotel, Mosoiu Flat, Narnia Apartament, Panoramic Apartments, Posticum, Tei Apartament, Vili Apartments, Astoria Hotel, B4 Hotel, Daciy House, Biador Apart, Gold Suites Apartments, Mustang Boutique Rooms, President Hotel, Recidency Pension, Continental Forum Oradea Hotel, "Casa" Alis, Ene Apart, Robert High Level Apartament, BlueSky Apartment, Lyra Hotel, Caro Hotel, Podgoria Guesthouse, Casuta din Vale House, Chic Central Apart, Chic Central Suites Apart.

Partner restaurants and cafés: 
Mr. Bean Coffee, Enchanté Rooftop & Social Lounge, Restaurant Meridian Zero, Continental Forum Oradea Hotel, Ristretto Caffe, Norema Restaurant, Capitolium Restaurant.).
Campaign duration: 1st of February - 31st December, 2024.

More info on office@visitoradea.com 

We wish you a pleasant stay!


What to Do

How many walks does it take to fall in love with a city? When you're in Oradea, only one. Each route you start has something special to catch the eye. Whether you want to rediscover old history, enjoy a moment of reconnection in the middle of nature or a special evening in the city, Oradea and Bihor County will always have something to seduce you, regardless of the season.

What to See

Discover a lively, fresh, and welcoming city! Living energy in a surprising architectural landscape that includes: 89 Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, 26 buildings classified as historical monuments, 25 valuable buildings proposed for classification as historical monuments and 38 buildings with indisputable architectural value. Create your own itinerary for an unforgettable #citybreak in the #ArtNouveau city!

Travel Wise

Oradea is an old hub of many European trade routes and has always been easily accessible. Find out all the information about how to get to #Oradea, where to stay, what to visit, and what kind of activities you can book online for you and your friends and family! #FamilyTrip #Accessibility