Smart City



You will probably not be surprised that Oradea ranks second in the hierarchy of Romanian cities that design and think "smart".


2nd place in Romania’s Top of Smart Cities


Oradea can truly be proud of the initiatives and activities it has undertaken to align with the strategy of major European cities, in terms of sustainability. The 20 already implemented projects are proof of the sustained efforts and the interest that the municipality shows towards the concept of “smart city”.


What do we aim?


For example, projects for better connectivity and online experiences aim, among other things, at computerizing local government systems and services, developing and maintaining optimal technical infrastructure, to allow effective communication with citizens, but especially between local institutions, as well as the scaling of the various sectors that develop within the city.


The Oradea City Report application was developed to establish a strong and genuine relationship with the citizens of the city. The community has a voice, and the municipality listens to it and makes decisions accordingly, with participatory budgeting playing an important role in choosing new projects. And, because we always think about tourists, we also created an application for them – Oradea City App, which provides all the necessary tourist information. We encourage you to download it to find complete information about the city, from the museum’ schedule to the public transport schedule. If you are visiting Oradea, we warmly recommend you to download it for free from Google Play or App Store.


The green capital of Romania


We can't talk about a "smart city without mentioning the quality of life, of the air, of the public transport or the parking system. Therefore, compared to the number of inhabitants, the city can be proud of 28 sqm of green space for each inhabitant, a figure that ranks Oradea among the first cities in Romania. This was one of the main reasons why Oradea received the title of green capital of Romania in 2011. The bike lanes extend all the way to Hungary, the air quality is high, due to the 15 parks with green spaces of over 500,000 square meters, and the parking system is becoming more efficient and "smart" every year.


From the point of view of sustainable business, Oradea offers many opportunities. Visit Oradea and let’s talk about how we can improve the well-being of the city's citizens!

What to Do

How many walks does it take to fall in love with a city? When you're in Oradea, only one. Each route you start has something special to catch the eye. Whether you want to rediscover old history, enjoy a moment of reconnection in the middle of nature or a special evening in the city, Oradea and Bihor County will always have something to seduce you, regardless of the season.

What to See

Discover a lively, fresh, and welcoming city! Living energy in a surprising architectural landscape that includes: 89 Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, 26 buildings classified as historical monuments, 25 valuable buildings proposed for classification as historical monuments and 38 buildings with indisputable architectural value. Create your own itinerary for an unforgettable #citybreak in the #ArtNouveau city!

Travel Wise

Oradea is an old hub of many European trade routes and has always been easily accessible. Find out all the information about how to get to #Oradea, where to stay, what to visit, and what kind of activities you can book online for you and your friends and family! #FamilyTrip #Accessibility