Six days in Oradea  



Choose Oradea for a week of culture and fun!

Day 1

  • Before you start exploring Oradea, check out the agenda of events and the points of major interest from our TOP 10;   

  • Start with a light stroll to the city centre, from Union Square, then continue walking on Vasile Alecsandri Street until you arrive at the Sion Synagogue; cross St. Ladislaus Bridge towards Republicii Avenue and finish at the Baroque Complex.       

  • Take 30 minutes to visit the new Art Nouveau museum - housed in the Darvas – La Roche House

  • For lunch and dinner, we recommend one of the restaurants on Republicii Avenue, Vasile Alecsandri Street, or on the banks of Crișul Repede - places praised and appreciated by locals and tourists alike.       

  • Relax after a day of walking at a SPA or join a party in the city!  


Day 2

  • Divide this day in two: fun at Aquapark Nymphaea and a history lesson at Oradea Fortress. You choose the order, according to your whim. Keep in mind, however, that both attractions are a "must-see" for a weekend in Oradea.     

  • Inside the Fortress, there are two museums to explore and a lot of interesting exhibitions that you can wander around, also suitable for children. We also recommend the Griffon Hall, the astronomical observatory, or a magical sunset in the Fortress Park. The atmosphere here is perfect for your holiday album.

  • How about a less formal dinner? Restaurants and pubs around Union Square and Vasile Alecsandri Street offer not only great food but also a vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff to have a chat with. The fun can go on till late into the night with tasty cocktails, good music, and local stories. Enjoy!


Day 3

  • The early bird gets the worm – or as Romanians say, “He who wakes up early in the morning, walks far.” We recommend that you have a full and energizing breakfast early, while you prepare your mindset for a day full of adrenaline from outdoor activities.       

  • Take 4 to 8 hours for memorable experiences near Oradea. You can choose to visit some of the most attractive caves in the tourist circuit of the country, a hike or a bike ride up in the hills and mountains, trail running along the many marked trails, a photography tour with professional photographers, rafting on the speedy rivers, or the already iconic Via Ferrata.       

  • Do you want an unforgettable lunch in the middle of nature? We suggest that you stop in one of the villages in Craiului Forest - here you will find traditional dishes as if you were eating in a Romanian family home.       

  • When you return to Oradea, we guarantee you will be pleasantly exhausted. The best thing you can do is to book a massage session at the hotel’s spa or in one of the many spas in the city. Don't forget that you are in the paradise of geothermal waters, thus it would be a great shame not to take full advantage of this. 😉       

  • For a light evening snack, you can choose one of the restaurants in the old town or you can confidently call the food delivery services for a quiet evening in your room. But after such a full day, we feel you might want to go for a full dinner! 


Day 4

  • The definition of this day is #SlowLiving. After a significant dose of adrenaline from the other day, your rhythm will be considerably slower today.   

  • We suggest you start with having coffee in Libertății Park (known locally as the Tulip Park), not before taking in the view over the City Hall from The Bridge of Intellectuals.      

  • Allocate one-hour time to visit the Zoo and then stroll down Armatei Române Street to admire the chic houses that frame it.

  • If performance art and culture are among your passions, we invite you to look at the programmes of Queen Mary National Theatrethe Hungarian Theatre, or the State Philharmonic. And don’t mind the language, true art goes beyond words!       

  • Many of Oradea's restaurants tempt you with fine dining and wine pairing. We would advise that you go for such a dinner. You will enjoy the mastery of Oradea’s chefs - some of them internationally renowned.       


Day 5

  • For nature and relaxation lovers, we recommend a visit to “Caii din Vale” riding centre in Betfia. Here you can practice horseback riding in nature, water biking or zip-lining.       

  • If you want to take a souvenir back home with you, you can go for a short "shopping spree" in the authentic local stores or at one of the shopping centres in the city.       

  • If you stop shopping at Lotus Center, you also must visit Băile Felix - only a 10-minute drive away.

    Once you arrive in #BaileFelix, you can leave all your worries behind and just relax. Escape from the fast pace of daily life in an oasis of relaxation, energy, and tranquillity - which you will find at Aqua Park Hotel President. We are convinced that it’s a place you will want to return to!       


Day 6

  • After your (late) check-out, you still have enough time for a bike ride. You can rent one in the city centre and cruise at leisure speed on the banks of Crișul Repede river, admiring the city along the way.

  • Breathe in the fresh air of the city, while pedalling through the open-air #ArtNouveau museum.       

  • Along the way, stop at a cosy café, or have a chat with the locals. You should know that the people of Oradea are very warm and friendly, and it is for a reason that the expression #VeselCaUnOrădean (“cheerful as an Oradea dweller”) has become of common use for most Romanians. 

  • If you want to take a souvenir back home, you can go for a short "shopping spree" in the authentic local stores or at one of the shopping centres in the city.       

  • Let us guess! Now, you are already thinking about the people with whom you will visit Oradea again. It's the right time to book your next #HolidayInOradea. 😊     


In Oradea, history is at home. A visit to the Țării Crișurilor Museum will surely please you, whether you are an avid historian or simply a curious person eager to learn new things. The courtyard of the museum will lure you to sit on a bench, quietly, and admire every single detail of the building at your own pace. It is one of the most impressive historic buildings in the region!


What to Do

How many walks does it take to fall in love with a city? When you're in Oradea, only one. Each route you start has something special to catch the eye. Whether you want to rediscover old history, enjoy a moment of reconnection in the middle of nature or a special evening in the city, Oradea and Bihor County will always have something to seduce you, regardless of the season.

What to See

Discover a lively, fresh, and welcoming city! Living energy in a surprising architectural landscape that includes: 89 Art Nouveau buildings and monuments, 26 buildings classified as historical monuments, 25 valuable buildings proposed for classification as historical monuments and 38 buildings with indisputable architectural value. Create your own itinerary for an unforgettable #citybreak in the #ArtNouveau city!

Travel Wise

Oradea is an old hub of many European trade routes and has always been easily accessible. Find out all the information about how to get to #Oradea, where to stay, what to visit, and what kind of activities you can book online for you and your friends and family! #FamilyTrip #Accessibility