Turning Libertății quarter into a pedestrian-only area  



The project envisages the abolition of all parking lots and the road on Libertății Street, and the complete pedestrianisation of the street between Ferdinand Square and Iosif Vulcan Street.

„This project refers to the rehabilitation of the area between Libertății Street, Grigorescu Street and Iosif Vulcan Street. Basically, to the greatest extent, this area will become a pedestrian area: 75% of this perimeter will be exclusively pedestrian ", said the deputy mayor Mircea Mălan during a press conference for the presentation of the project.


Purpose and objectives of the project


The project aims to improve the conditions of urban public infrastructure and the mobility of the population by increasing pedestrian areas, reducing the use of cars, and reducing pollution in the central area of ​​Oradea.


The project envisages the suppression of all parking lots and of the traffic lanes along Libertății street and the complete pedestrianization of the street between Ferdinand Square and Iosif Vulcan Street, by paving it with porphyry stone. Existing trees will be kept and integrated into the pedestrian zone, and on the right side, on the slope towards the river Crișul Repede, a support wall will be built to both stabilise the bank and to allow a sitting area.


Regarding Iosif Vulcan Street, the project also provides for the suppression of all parking lots, an entrance to the future parking lot at no. 12, a roundabout at the crossing with Libertății Street and uneven left-right sidewalks, paved with porphyry stone. On Nicolae Grigorescu Street, the project envisages the suppression of traffic lanes, the complete pedestrianization of the street between Ferdinand Square and Libertății Street, as well as porphyry stone paving.


"This project involves the rehabilitation of all underground networks. The heating system is rethought and will be the same as on Vasile Alecsandri, Aurel Lazăr and Ferdinand Square: in this area, we will switch to thermal modules. The sewerage will be replaced, and a roundabout will appear at the crossing between Libertății Street and Iosif Vulcan Street", said Mircea Mălan - Deputy Mayor of Oradea.


The lighting system will be based on LED, the urban furniture will be in line with those provided for the central area. No new green areas are proposed, but the existing ones are kept.


Project value and duration of execution


The execution duration of this project is 16 months, which is to be extended to build a pedestrian alley under the bridge.


The total value of the investment is 10,233,420.23 lei with VAT included, of which the city's contribution is 2%. The execution term is 24 months. The project will be submitted for funding under the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020.


Source of information regarding the project on Libertății area - www.oradea.ro

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